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October 31, 2017.​ Melbourne, Australia.
Nasal respiratory technology company Rhinomed (ASX:RNO) is pleased to announce a wholesale distribution agreement with UK based Phoenix Healthcare Distribution Limited.


Under the agreement, all four SKU’s (Trial pack and three sized packs) of Mute will be available for ordering by Phoenix’s account network of independent pharmacy chains throughout the UK. Phoenix distributes to independent pharmacies and groups such as Numark (a network of 3,500 pharmacies) and Rowland, which covers 500 stores and has an online presence.


Phoenix is considered one of the leading global pharmaceutical wholesalers 1 . The company covers pharmacy, GP and hospital distribution and has a strong emphasis on logistics and warehousing to support community pharmacy requirements.


Mute recently exhibited at Pharmacy Show 2017 in Birmingham UK, which is the largest national conference and exhibition for community pharmacy professionals. Independent pharmacies are now able to order Mute directly through Rhinomed or take advantage of the wholesale benefits provided by Phoenix.


The iconic and world famous London department store Harrods has also recently added Mute to its Pharmacy located in its Knightsbridge, London based store.


Mute is an over-the-counter product to enable snorers to breathe more easily through their nose and keep their mouth closed during sleep. In turn this may reduce vibration in the airways that can cause snoring. Mute is designed to fit the natural anatomy of the nose and it is fully adjustable so you can control the level of dilation and airflow for a comfortable fit.


Download a copy of the announcement here.