Clinical Programs

The science of breathing.

Sleep Apnea
Rhinomed is currently scoping a clinical trial that will seek to demonstrate the efficacy of a new version of its breathing technology platform as a relevant solution to mild and moderate sleep apnea.

The pilot study will seek to demonstrate that the technology can be used as a stand alone therapy.

Drug Delivery

The nose is a well recognised site for the delivery of medication and Rhinomed has created a proprietary drug delivery platform capable of delivering medication into the nose in an inhaled form or via a trans-dermal or trans-mucosal method.

Many of the challenges related to exiting nasal drug delivery solutions such as loss at the back of the throat, complexity surrounding spray areas, and accuracy of dosing levels have been solved by the Rhinomed platform.

Rhinomed’s in-situ delivery system ensures a specific level of API can be delivered in a controlled manner at a specific site.

 Research and Development

The company is currently working to progress its technology across a number of key opportunities.

We are always interested in working with innovative organisations and individuals who believe they can make a real difference.

Our current programs are focused on:
– The olfactory pathway.
– Wearable technology.

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