Rhinomed is an airway technology company that seeks to radically improve the way you breathe, sleep, maintain your health and take medication.

Rhinomed’s patented nasal technology leverages the physiology of the nose to optimise our breathing which is essential to restful sleep and to maintaining good health.

Rhinomed’s vision for the future is to enable medications to be administered through the nose with the aim of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the therapies, while seeking a reduction in side effects for patients.

Rhinomed continues to invest in furthering our knowledge of the role the nose, the upper airways and the olfactory system plays in maintaining health and wellness.

Rhinomed’s technology platform is protected by a family of over 60 patents globally. Rhinomed is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX: RNO) and headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.

Technology Platform

Rhinomed’s nasal technology platform seeks to optimise the role the nose plays in your body’s physiology and the maintenance of good health. The technology platform aims to address significant unmet needs across four key areas of opportunity.

The Rhinomed  platform is protected by a family of over 60 patents. These are granted and pending across the global market. Rhinomed continues to invest in furthering our knowledge of the role the nose, the upper airway and the olfactory system plays in maintaining health and wellness.

Rhinomed is actively seeking to partner with companies, research institutions and organisation whose interest coincide. Please reach out to us.

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Board and management

Rhinomed is led by a globally experienced team.

    Managing Director & CEO

    Michael is an experienced leader and innovator who has specialised in the successful commercialisation of emerging techologies and brands for over 20 years. Michael has worked in and for a wide spectrum of companies from ASX300 through to start-up companies in Life Sciences, Cleantech, Financial Services, Energy and Utilities, Manufacturing, Marketing and Communication. Michael’s most recent work has focused on helping companies envision and create new growth and innovation, manage and grow technology platforms and achieve sustainable growth through business model innovation.

    Michael has been a Principal at two leading global consulting firms where he advised on innovation and competing in heavily regulated industries. Prior to that he held senior roles within some of the world’s most successful marketing and communication firms where he launched a number of high profile new products and brands. Michael received a Masters in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Swinburne University and a Bachelor’s degree with distinction in Business from Monash University.

  • Ron Dewhurst

    Ron Dewhurst has spent 40 years spread across the Investment Banking and Asset Management Industries. He has lived approximately half of his career outside his native Australia working in Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America. Ron has held leadership roles as CEO of Australian Investment Bank ANZ McCaughan Ltd, Managing Director of Australian asset manager IOOF Holdings Ltd, Head of Americas for J P Morgan Asset Management, and Executive Vice President and Head of Global Investment Managers for Legg Mason Inc based in the U.S.

    Ron currently spends his time investing in and developing strategies in early stage companies. Ron has a long history of philanthropic pursuits including the Breast Cancer Network of Australia, The National Gallery of Victoria, The Australian World Orchestra, Playground Ideas, and Building with Books (U.S.). Ron is a strong advocate for diversity both broadly in the community, and more specifically in the business environment.

  • Brent Scrimshaw
    Non executive Director

    Brent is widely regarded as one of the most creative and respected business leaders in global sport. As a key innovator within Nike Inc, one of the Fortune 500’s most innovative companies, or as the founder of, Brent has helped create and change the business landscape through sport in each of the markets he has lived and worked in around the world over the last 25 years. As one of the 30 most senior leaders in the Nike Inc corporation worldwide, Brent served as part of Nike’s Global Corporate Leadership Team, where he helped lead the creation of Nike’s overall global operating strategy, as well as playing a senior role as a key member of the Global Commercial Operations Executive team, responsible for sales and distribution strategies worldwide.

    More recently Brent founded ( where he is now Chief Executive of one of the world’s fastest growing digital media companies focused solely on sport and in partnership with household names such as Andre Agassi, Steffi Graf, Cathy Freeman and Stephanie Gilmore. He currently is a non executive director at Fox Head Inc ( the world’s largest technical motocross and consumer products brand based in Irvine, California, USA. With over 25 years of experience in consumer innovation, business leadership, brand management, and the athletic and sports industry, Brent has developed a world-class expertise and understanding of what creates success in sports and innovative business globally.

    Non executive Director

    Dr Knight has a proven track record in advising clients on strategy formulation and execution in consumer products, healthcare, and media. Eric has detailed experience in sports marketing and digital product development from ideation through to delivery. He brings significant experience leading cross- functional project teams, as well as international and multidisciplinary research teams. Eric was previously a consultant with the Boston Consulting Group, and is now based at the University of Sydney Business School, where he is an associate professor in strategic management.

  • Sean Slattery
    Chief Financial Officer

    Sean is an experienced financial executive with over 20 years of experience in senior financial roles including as a director, company secretary and Chief Financial Officer of both private and ASX listed companies. Sean’s previous roles have included being CFO at Unscriptd Ltd, Powerwrap Ltd and Accendre Pty Ltd. He was also Financial Director Asia Pacific for Cybertrust Australia now part of Verizon. He has a Master of Taxation from University of Melbourne, is a Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and completed his Bachelor of Science from Salisbury University in Maryland, USA.

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    Rhinomed Limited (ASX:RNO OTCQB:RHNMF), a leader in nasal airway and respiratory technology, is advanced in developing a new high-yielding nasal swab that can collect samples from the nose to test for the presence of upper respiratory tract diseases, including influenza and coronavirus strains.

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    Rhinomed Limited (ASX:RNO, OTCQB: RHNMF), today announces it has received purchase orders confirming a major distribution expansion of its Pronto Clear nasal decongestion technology.

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    Rhinomed Limited (ASX:RNO, OTCQB: RHNMF), After a record FY20 Q3 result the company was on track to reach its full year planned targets. Confirmation during the quarter that an additional 7,000+ US based stores would begin stocking Rhinomed Technology further supported this positive momentum. 

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