Wearable nasal technology

Rhinomed is a global medical device company enhancing respiration, sleep, diagnosis of upper respiratory disease and nasal drug delivery.

Introducing RHINOSWAB

The world’s most comfortable nasal swab for COVID-19 and upper respiratory pathogens including influenza and RSV.


The happy way to swab children.

knows noses

Rhinomed is a wearable nasal technology company that seeks to radically improve the way you breathe, sleep, maintain your health, diagnose disease and take medication.

We create medical devices that are used by millions of people globally.

With a pipeline of compelling innovation focused on clear unmet clinical needs, we invite you to experience firsthand the difference Rhinomed can make to your way of life.

Respiratory Sample collection

Rhinoswab standardizes the sample collection process for respiratory viruses like covid-19, flu and RSV, making it safe, reliable and comfortable for clinicians and patients alike.

Sleep & Snoring

About half of the population snore. Mute dilates the nasal passages making nasal breathing easier, reducing mouth breathing and helping you to breathe more, snore less and sleep better.

Breathing & Sport

Breathing clearly and easily is a key element in aerobic activity. Turbine is designed to assist athletes to overcome nasal obstruction and congestion by increasing airflow by up to 38%.

Clinical programs

Rhinomed’s wearable nasal technology supports a wide range of applications from stenting to diagnosis and nasal drug delivery.