Study confirms new nasal swab is most accurate, comfortable and easy for kids

Rhinomed is pleased to advise of the forthcoming publication of a further study and data by researchers from the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute and the Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) Melbourne confirming the efficacy and comfort of the world’s first nasal swab designed specifically for children – the Rhinoswab Junior.

The study “Less invasive SARS-CoV-2 testing for children: A comparison of saliva and a novel Anterior Nasal Swab” compared the current standard of care combined nose and throat swabs to saliva collection and to Rhinomed’s novel anterior nasal swab. Study samples were self-collected by 53 children aged 4-18 years.

The study demonstrates Rhinoswab Junior is the superior method for collecting samples from children when considering comfort, consistency, accuracy and efficacy.

Rhinoswab Junior’s unique design and ease of use means even children can self-administer sampling, and parents and carers are more likely to ensure children are tested. Rhinoswabs have potential to significantly improve testing rates and accuracy and, as a result, case detection across populations, especially children and other vulnerable groups.

In this study Rhinoswab was preferred by 88% of children when compared with the combined nose and throat swab. This builds on a previous Murdoch Children’s Research Institute study of 249 hospital samples that concluded that the Rhinoswab Junior is clinically equivalent to a standard combined nose and throat swab, yet preferred by eight out of 10 children as well by parents and nursing staff.

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