Key Studies Confirm Rhinoswab’s Superior Performance

Rhinomed is pleased to report an important update on its Rhinoswab™ clinical program.

In December 2020 the company established that the Rhinoswab was comparable to existing standard of care nasal swabs in detecting the SARS-CoV-2 virus in RT-PCR testing. This study was undertaken at the VIDRL (Peter Doherty Institute).

Since December the company has further refined the swab technology by improving the nylon flock used on the swab. Two studies have now been completed to assess the performance of the Rhinoswab against the current commercially available standard of care nasal swab (Copan eSwab™).

Both studies have now confirmed that the Rhinoswab outperforms the standard of care nasal swab (Copan eSwab™) in two critical key performance factors: capture (yield) and elution efficiency.

Rhinomed’s new Rhinoswab has recently been approved for sale in the Australian market and is listed on the ARTG and in the US with the FDA. The Rhinoswab standardises the collection process and makes nasal sampling easy and comfortable for users. With production underway in Melbourne, Australia the company is seeking to scale up in order to meet demand.

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