We’ve found a really good way to stay awake. Sleep.

Yes, sleep. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. It’s something we all love, something we all need and something we don’t get enough of. In fact, a lack of sleep can seriously affect your health and your ability to perform in every day life.

How many times have you felt yourself beginning to drift off to sleep in a meeting, just after lunch or at dinner? How many times have you woken up in the morning feeling tired, when you need to be feeling refreshed and on the ball?

One of the best ways to ensure you wake up every morning feeling rejuvenated is a good nights sleep. And one the best ways to get a good nights sleep is to ensure that you’re breathing properly at night and that you’re not snoring.

The best way to stop your snoring is to find out what kind of snorer you are. Do you snore due to nasal congestion or does your snoring come from your throat? If your snoring comes from lower down in your airways, then there is a chance you could be suffering from sleep apnea. Asking your doctor for advice is a great way to start. If your snoring comes from your upper airway and is due to a blocked nose, or nasal congestion, then our Mute technology may be a great solution.

Mute has been designed to open up your nasal passages. The idea is simple enough. By increasing the volume of your nostrils you can get more air through. We’ve shown in both clinical trials and our clinical work that we can increase airflow by an average of 38%. Simply put the more air you can inhale through your nose, the more air enters your airways and that’s what can reduce the vibration and narrowing of the airways that causes snoring.

What’s really interesting is that when we asked 118 couples to try the Mute for five days, they reported a 75% reduction in snoring. Pleasingly, it wasn’t just a reduction in snoring duration, it was also snoring severity, frequency and importantly, volume.

For the millions of people world wide who believe nothing can work, this is great news!

Now while we are pretty pleased that we have a technology that actually works, what got us really excited wasn’t just that the Mute will reduce your snoring, it was that those who wore the Mute radically improved their sleep quality.

The user trial showed that Mute wearers reported that their good/excellent sleep quality jumped from 21% without Mute to 57% with the Mute. This confirms an obvious truth – that getting more air during the night allows you to wake up feeling more refreshed and ready to tackle the day, and secondly, that the millions of people who practice yoga are right, nasal breathing makes you feel better!

We will continue to progress our research into the role breathing plays during activity and rest and how changes to breathing can improve health outcomes.

In the meantime we invite you test Mute for yourself. Just visit mutesnoring.com to get your pack.