7th December, 2016. Melbourne, Australia.


Rhinomed (ASX:RNO), the Australian respiratory technology company announced it has entered into a distribution and supply agreement with The Linde Group and its Australian subsidiary BOC Limited.


BOC will manage logistics and distribute Rhinomed’s breathing technologies, Mute and Turbine, in the Australian and New Zealand markets .


Rhinomed will ship product directly from its Hong Kong warehouse to BOC’s logistics centre in Sydney. Under the arrangement, BOC will fulfill and supply all of Rhinomed’s existing contracts within Australia – covering the existing 700 pharmacies currently stocking the product.


BOC brings an extensive and highly experienced sales force to support the growing uptake of Rhinomed’s products in the region. Mute complement’s BOC’s current sleep equipment offering that includes CPAP masks and supplies and in-home sleep studies, by providing an affordable, easy-to-use product for assisting with night-time nasal congestion and snoring.


Mr Colin Smith , Head of Healthcare, BOC Limited commented: “BOC is proud to partner with Rhinomed as their distributor for Mute and Turbine across Australia and New Zealand. As a leader in the Australian and New Zealand sleep markets BOC has been providing quality sleep therapy to patients in Australia for more than ten years.”


BOC Limited is part of The Linde Group, the global gas, healthcare and engineering company, operating in over 70 countries with an annual turnover of more than €17 Billion. BOC provides pharmaceutical and medical products and services across hospitals, clinics, intermediate care centres, aged care facilities, GPs, emergency centres, convenience stores, service stations and patients’ homes. The Linde Group operates in the US through its subsidiary Lincare, one of the largest suppliers of CPAP and sleep services in the USA. Lincare provides services and equipment, operating from approximately 1,000 locations in 48 U.S. states and Canada.


“The relationship with The Linde Group and its subsidiary BOC further cements Rhinomed’s strategy of positioning Mute as the front-line solution for millions of people as they enter the sleep solutions market. This agreement will deliver significant scale to Mute’s presence in the Australian and New Zealand sleep market.” commented Rhinomed CEO Michael Johnson


Mute is a nasal stent designed to hold open and individually dilate the nasal airway, alleviating the effect of nasal obstruction, to improve nasal breathing and reduce snoring. It is currently available in leading pharmacy and sleep clinics in the US, Canada, the UK and Australia, as well as via online platforms.


Snoring is increasingly recognised as the first touch point for millions of people as they begin their journey into diagnosing a range of sleep disrupted breathing issues. The relationship with BOC and The Linde Group enables Rhinomed to further advance opportunities in this growing market and positions Mute as the go-to starting point in the sleep journey.


Download a copy of the announcement here.