Validation Studies

Evaluation of Rhinomed Rhinoswab (Hydrophobic Flock) Elution Efficiency

An independent laboratory, Gnomix (Adelaide, Australia) was engaged to compare the elution efficiency of the Rhinoswab compared to the standard of care nasal swab (Copan ESwab™). Method An aliquot of gamma-irradiated (inactivated) SARS-CoV-2 virus with a nominal CT value of 18 (assay dependent) was diluted 1/200 in a stock solution of donated saliva to represent … Read more

Rhinoswab Sample Capture Study

The objective of the nasal swab yield study was to compare the mean sample capture performance of the rhinoswab against the commercially available standard of care nasal swab (Copan ESwab™) at various insertion time points. Design An comparative experiment to measure the absorption profile of Rhinoswab when worn in the nose for different time periods … Read more