ASX Announcements (2022)

21/12/2022Establishment of Loan Facility
21/11/2022Rhinomed Ltd Constitution as approved at 2022 AGM
18/11/2022Chairman’s Address to Shareholders 2022 AGM
18/11/2022CEO Presentation to Shareholders 2022 AGM
7/11/2022Appendix 4G
7/11/2022Corporate Governance Statement
7/10/2022Annual Report to Shareholders 2022
17/10/2022Notice of Annual General Meeting and Proxy Form 2022
30/09/2022Final Director’s Notice EK App 3Z
26/09/2022Successful trial confirms Rhinoswab Junior accuracy
8/09/2022Appendix 3X
8/09/2022Rhinomed Board Changes
1/09/2022FY22 Results Presentation
17/08/2022SureScreen Places First Rhinoswab Junior Order
4/08/2022Investor Update
18/07/2022Surescreen Australia and Rhinomed – Rhinoswab Supply Deal
17/05/2022Change in Substantial Holding WG
12/05/2022Appendix 2A
6/05/2022Appendix – 3Y EK
6/05/2022Appendix – 3Y MJ
6/05/2022Appendix – 2A
6/05/2022Completion of Retail Entitlement Shortfall
4/05/2022Successful Completion of Retail Entitlement Offer
22/04/2022Change in Substantial Holding WG
21/04/2022Appendix 3Y RD
21/04/2022Appendix 3Y JMcB
14/04/2022Appendix 2A
11/04/2022Lifting of Trading Halt
8/04/2022Rhinomed Completion of Institutional Entitlement
7/04/2022Proposed Issue of Securities
7/04/2022Entitlement Offer Cleansing Notice
7/04/2022Trading Update, BTNX Agreement and Rights Issue
7/04/2022$5M Non-Renounceable Rights Issue
7/04/2022Trading Halt
4/03/2022Appendix 3Y – MJ
4/03/2022Appendix 3Y – RD
16/02/2022R&D Refund
10/02/2022Rhinomed Appendix 4G
10/02/2022Corporate Governance Statement
7/02/2022Appendix 3Y – JMcB
7/02/2022Appendix 3Y – MJ